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Cold Weather Caulking

Caulk Warmer

Frequently we hear about contractors and “do-it-yourself-ers” ceasing all caulking projects as soon as the cold weather arrives.  They are often under the impression that caulking cannot be worked in temperatures below 4°C.  Contrary to popular belief, this is a myth.

There is however a slight amount of truth to this belief.  You do have to be careful about which caulks you use in freezing conditions.  There are a lot of things to consider before purchasing a caulk to consider.  In order to ensure that you will be achieving a good seal is key, and will be the first thing to consider when deciding which caulk is appropriate for the job.  Our 100% silicone sealants are your best bet for application below freezing temperatures.

Some products that will work in cold weather are as follows:

  • 302 General Purpose
  • 302 Bath & Kitchen
  • 302 High Temperature
  • 309 Metal & Vinyl
  • 311 Self Leveling
  • 311 RV
  • 313 Fast Cure
  • 331 Exterior Siding & Trim

Some of our products can be applied in temperatures as low as -29°C!  We do recommend that any sealants you use in cold weather are stored indoors.  If you have an unheated garage, just bring any tubes inside the night before so they can warm up.  This will make tooling and dispensing much easier.  If you are storing caulks in a work truck during the day, use one of our caulk warmer bags.  They will ensure that the product is easy to apply.

Be sure to avoid ice and dampness.  Substrates need to be clean and dry for the best bond.  It is also best to wait for the sun to warm up surfaces if possible.

Happy cold weather caulking!