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About the Company

Incorporated in 1988, Nuco Inc. has grown to be a leader in the manufacturing of silicone technology and other quality products. Located in Guelph, Ontario just west of Toronto, Nuco supplies product through distribution to various markets world wide; including, Residential, HVAC, Industrial, OEM, and Construction Supply.

About the Products

Our complete line of products include silicone, paintable & specialty sealants, polyurethane foams, silicone firestops, and epoxy sticks. All of our products are manufactured with the highest level of quality control and care. Due to the investment of the latest technology in manufacturing, mixing and packaging equipment, we are able to control our results and ensure the best in quality and highest standards.

About the Brand

NuFlex™ offers QUALITY sealants and STRONG construction adhesives. UltraSeal™ offers PERFORMANCE moisture cure polyurethane foams and SelfSeal™ offers DEPENDABLE silicone firestops. Each brand is supported by NUCO’s outstanding service and support.

150 Curtis Drive Guelph, ON N1K 1N5
Tel: 519.823.4994
Fax: 519.823.1099
Toll Free: 1.800.853.3984

About the Support

Service, support and quality are the foundation of our company. Our customer service team is diligent, efficient and ready to help you do business with us. Our support team includes strategically placed sales representatives, technical gurus, and marketing experts. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and have the best customer service, sales, marketing, and manufacturing teams to do it with.

About the R & D

Innovation is important to the success of any company. Our team of chemists, researchers and developers are constantly looking to develop innovative products that will help our customers solidify their positions in their markets and industries. An enormous amount of time is also spent on furthering the development of our current products and ensuring they meet and exceed your expectations.

About the Distribution Channel

Through strategic distribution channels, Nuco supplies to the Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Electrical, Mechanical, Marine, OEM, and Transportation markets. This business is distributed throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and South America.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities (AODA)

NUCO Inc. is committed to accessibility for all Ontarians.  In accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians Act, (AODA) you can submit feedback by contacting us.